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About Ayurofy

Ayurofy is a dedicated team of professionals who a share single vision towards healthcare of individuals and are highly focused on achieving quality results in best possible time.

The idea was initiated by experienced professionals who hold a strong belief towards the natural process of healing. Be it any lifestyle disorder or induced hormonal imbalance, natural resources (Ayurveda) have tremendous potential to treat the ailments from root with negligible side effects and transform lifestyle into healthy living. 

Our main mantra is cultivating a harmonious relation with our clients. We develop a personalized approach for every individual and treat every case with a tailored approach suiting body requirements, dietary habits and physical fitness. We take care of the best possible medicines and activities for our clients to ensure quick relief and fast recovery.

Our Team

Our team is professional, trained, certified and licensed with high historical success. All doctors, dietitian and therapists associated with us are well coordinated, highly skilled and respect the value of ancient Ayurveda, and recognize modern science and Ayurveda. 

The team is highly capable in dealing modern lifestyle problems with modern techniques. We analyze an individual’s body type, daily schedules, practices, stress level, time management and eating habits and based on every detailed information, the customized transformation (treatment) road map is followed. The idea for personalized plan comes with advanced case analysis and data study of all individuals with similar ailments. The analysis and outcomes are simulated and modified to meet individual’s need and attain desired results.

Additionally, our team also holds good analytical skills with high enthusiasm for case analysis of every individual and we suggest the best course of action (including treatment, medicine, diet and activity) to attain effective recovery and to switch to healthy living.

So be free and open to describe every minute details to our team for maximum benefits and quick recovery. Make this treatment a transformation not a recovery.

Wishes for your wonderful transformation !


Happy Healthy Lifestyle !

About Services

Health Transformation Consultation

The secret to healthy living is getting rid of health disorders and getting rid from such disorders need a strategic action and dedication.

Health Consultation (Ayurveda, Diet & Work-out)

Maintaining a healthy life is another big challenge in today’s competitive world. To meet up everyday challenge the health fitness is often ignored. Learn to stay fit while earn.

Health Packages

Our health packages are exclusively designed on very personalized manner so that every individual need is taken care of and transformation is attained in optimized time.