Common these days PCOD/PCOS is now found in almost 27% of Women aged 15 – 44. The major causes are not known and, in some cases, it even goes undetected for a long period of time. Studies have found that it is mainly due to disruptive lifestyle practices which lead to hormonal imbalance in the female body. The majority of women also suffer from other health disorders such as Thyroid, Diabetes, Anxiety, Depression etc. which further imbalances the hormonal production.

Most treatments are designed to resolve delayed periods, overweight and other complications. However the real treatment is way beyond just that. The sole and root treatment lies in turning towards healthy lifestyle practices. Such a process takes time and sustains for lifetime once achieved successfully. Our specialty is defined by such transformation along with taking care of other pre-existing health conditions.

Our line of treatment involves simple steps to make it easy and comfortable for you with personalized transformation approach. 

Study of your body type, hormonal imbalance, daily routine and other associated pre-existing conditions.

Formulation of right transformation strategy(treatment), involving right set of medicines, diet, exercise etc.

Assessment of ongoing transformation Change in lifestyle and altering transformation strategy if needed.

Follow-ups and a successful transformation. 

Better live a normal life than stressing yourself thinking about unwanted disorders affecting you and your happiness.

So, don’t wait and think. Keep the things simple and start your transformation journey with us. Don’t let your body to beg you for help. Start Immediately and bring change to your life.


Happy Healthy Living !